• Wanggu Kang

    Director/UVARC (Unmanned Vehicle Advanced Research Center)

  • He worked in the development of many aircraft development programs, such as 9 seater all composite aircraft, T-50 jet trainer, stratospheric unmanned airship, and 32m class tethered aerostat.

    Since 2007, he participated in setting up several national aircraft strategic plans, including “national aerospace industry strategic plan, 2010, ministry of industry”, “unmanned vehicle technology research and industry promotion plan, 2015, ministry of science and ICT”, “national technology roadmap for unmanned vehicles, 2017, ministry of science and ICT”.

    Currently, he is the director of UVARC(unmanned vehicle advanced research center), KARI, Korea. UVARC is in charge of Unmanned Vehicle Advanced Research Program of MSIT(ministry of science and ICT), Korea